Friday, 8 August 2014

What the difference a day makes

spent yesterday working on prehistoric remains from dartmoor to posting monoprints from Summer School wow!
this year i went to the Textile Study Group Summer School at Farncombe and worked with Sarah Burgess. we were mainly working with mono prints on papers and textile, cutting and inserting and wrapping things.
the workshop was called 'Landscapes of the imagination'

 my inspiration for the workshop included these images taken from the top of a bus on the way to Lyme Regis on a wet day. i have been working with these images and other 'voids' for a while.
my inspiration board
my inspiration board with a few of my monoprints. i loved the effects achieved on tissue and abaca.
based on the images above
i also had a go at wrapping some pine needles found at Farncombe and using the pine needles as masks for the actual printing hence the odd 'people' shapes above.
insertions of hair nets and printed organdie
printing black on black then cutting and inserting brought items
 i have since been playing with a piece of black organdie i printed on the workshop but that has a long way to go and other things are calling at the moment.


  1. I was with you in Sarahs class, didn't realise I followed your blog!

    1. Hi Jill, if I had known I would have said thankyou and hello!

  2. Just goes to show how people meet!

  3. I've been waiting to see what you would do.They look really interesting ,especially pics 5,6 and 7. I am toying with next year but have to wait and see who will be running the workshops.

  4. Great to see the progression and the insertions. Wonderful individual images that make a unique and personal collection. Been away 'sailing' the Caledonian Canal where I was concentrating on reflections- became absorbed in how slight a movement was needed to diffuse the images on the water!