Sunday, 28 September 2014

Pathways at Ilminster

yesterday i delivered my work to ilminster arts centre for inclusion in the South West Textile Groups exhibition 'Pathways' that opens tomorrow until 25th October.
the piece i have included although small took a long time and with much angst but here it is! 
the story shows how we learn from an early age to write and sew, stitching samplers and on to dress making and reading

samplers and lazy daisy stitch shapes
join the dots when learning to write
giant cross stitch on gingham
i have used wool, linen, ramie, paper and oxidised metal to make this 70" long sampler incorporating letterpress print. each numbered section is an old fashioned 1"


  1. Lovely to see the piece and think of it in Ilminister, pity Ilminster is so far - will keep an eye out for pictures on SWTG site. Have been doing a series on pathways choosing the poem by Robert Frost, 'Two paths diverge in a yellow wood '- or better known as The Road Not Taken ...

  2. Looks fascinating, looking forward to seeing the real thing later today. I will be posting tomorrow hopefully as I havn't taken any complete images of my work yet.
    I think I missed your last post, love the work in that as well.

  3. Exquisitely done though as usual.

  4. Thanks everyone, always great to have positive comments

  5. I love this piece. Intriguing.