Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Daily drawing

when i started this course i made a small book for drawing in. Sian suggested drawing the same object, related to your research subject everyday for 10 days. i still had a few pages left so i took the book with me on holiday hoping to continue. i have recently rediscovered watercolours so decided to paint without using a pencil. these pictures are the product of my holiday. i had gone hoping to paint orchids but my husbands father had got rid of them all so i was left with cacti. obviously not related to my research but i was on holiday!

i also spent some time in the National Museum of Scotland, my favourite museum, painting stones while listening to live traditional Scottish music from Gary Innes and Ewan Robertson.
on my return home i tried a few more items around the house.
yes, the stone does have a face!
and finally some 'love in a mist' pods i had.


  1. Your watercolour sketches have a lovely, soft quality - watery, as all good watercolours should be. I struggle with this - my watercolours are too fiddly! Better stick to sewing and drawing. Have you tried Derwent Graphitint pencils? Best of both worlds - a good graphite "point" which melts into colour.By the way, I'm a Distant Stitcher too.

  2. Your water colours are lovely ... great sketches. I'm also a distance learning student, and struggle with the drawings/sketching side of things. I want to do it, but seem to freeze up when I get a pencil in my hand! I make the most of a camera instead.