Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Black to Basics.

while i was waiting for Sian to comment on the second part of Module 1, i went back to my sketchbook. i have been giving thought to layers and the different ways to achieve them, particularly since i went to an 'exhibition' as part of The Devon Open Studios. this exhibition called Polytek was held in a partly disused warehouse and showed the work of 'South West's finest graffiti writers and artists from Central Saint Martins' MA Fine Art course. in true graffiti style the day we went it was locked but the people before us had broken in, so we followed for an amazing experience (more photos to follow). the above window was taken in the building. i loved the images on the window and the hazy shadows of trees seen through it.
i have often thought of transferring digital images to transparent fabric but never had the computer to do it until now and i'm sure there are many of you out there who have done this and think its old hat but not to me! so and due to lack of funds i went along to my local Waterstones to see what was out there in the way of useful instructions! i found 'From image to stitch' by Maggie Grey, it was excellent and i must apologise to Maggie for using the bookshop as a library but the library leaves a lot to be desired and the book will be on my wish list. So since then i've been experimenting with printing onto Japanese tissue and other thin papers, some based on the window and others on graffiti related splodges! basically the fine paper is stuck around the edge onto ordinary print paper with pritt stick, allowed to dry (i placed baking parchment on top and weighted them overnight)and voila! ready for the printer. the above piece is on a fine paper with lines of different densities.
my husband threw a wobbly and said ooh! do be careful, so i was rather concerned when i put the above one in as it's quite textured but it turned out perfectly.
with a rather interesting print left on the paper underneath.
brush stroke on a Lokta type paper, but i bought it so long ago i can't remember what it is!
again the striated paper.
a lilac Japanese paper with gilded bits in it.
and finally just a basic compilation print using Photoshop.
i then went back to my sketchbook and show a few that i am still working on, using watercolour, chalk and graphite.
the above overlay on the left page is printed onto some Paperchase tissue.
finally i printed an image of one of my stitched samples onto a map supplied to us by South West Water who were doing some work outside our house.i adapted it.needless to say i will be experimenting with fabric later!

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  1. Wow - these are great and it makes me feel very guilty for (a) neglecting my sketchbook and (b) being so boring and conventional about my experiments. You have inspired me to loosen up a bit; maybe not to the extent of breaking into somewhere I want to go though!! The way I put stuff through the printer is to cut A4 sheets of freezer paper and then iron the whatever it is on to the shiny side. Works great with silk, chiffon etc. No waiting for glue to dry. This is good for impatient people.