Thursday, 1 October 2009

Well its not Friday but its catch up time!

some time ago i went off on a tangent looking at street art as well as graffiti. i found the above photo on one of my favourite websites the Wooster Collective (see the link to the right). this one made me laugh out loud, there must be millions of empty spray cans out there waiting to be converted into something beautiful! although it might be quite dangerous to puncture a pressurised can!
my tangent was to take some blanket fabric which i stencilled first with dear old Stewart Gill and then applied some cut out flowers randomly.
i got the blanket from my certificate tutor Madeleine Millington whose sense of colour and fun has no bounds.following on from these spray cans i was thinking of my 3D FUNCTIONAL proposal, functional being the operative word. it was quite easy thinking of 3D items but they were not always functional. so this is what i came up with!!
i presented it to Sian in a booklet form made out of old envelopes (money is scarce at the moment!)
the plan is to make a light in the shape of a can with monster lid! the more i think about it the more i am not sure about it but it will be fun to try. Sian suggested that as spray cans are fairly small a series would be a good idea. i had thought of this originally so there will be more than one! possibly a bit scary when lit.
the inspiration came from the brush stroke which i used earlier to create my two stuffed monsters (see previous post).
i intend to use a combination of materials such as paper, paper pulp, cellophane, textile etc.
one plan might be to have cut out words to customise the lights but i will have to experiment.
i have thought of 3 suggestions!
so now for trying some mock ups etc. my work is certainly cut out for me, sucker for punishment! watch this space.

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