Thursday, 8 April 2010

Work in progress, or while the cat's away

this week i have been making some 'extended purls' and while my two guys are in Edinburgh for the week i can spread around and eat when i like and put in lots of creative work. i just have to remember to cuddle the cat occassionally!! i will post my finished products properly later but here are some pictures of work in progress. as i am alone i had to set the shots up on timer so i hope they are ok. i thought i would make some cut-out people which i have made of calico which has been painted with various layers of acrylic paint. i have then attached them onto a layer of gold tissue which has been p.v.a.ed onto a clingfilm covered roller. i will wait till it is dry before removing/ adapting further.
however hard i try to work 'large' i still come back to tiny! wrapping some wire around a piece of bamboo
and a general shot of bits i am working on such as paper mache and twirly tags attached to purl.

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