Friday, 30 April 2010

Graffiti, long time no spray

i realised i haven't posted about graffiti for a long time, so here we go! when my guys came back recently from edinburgh, my pressie, besides a tripod was this 'Fatcap' kidrobot. for any of you who have never come across these 'designer toys' they are based on spray can nossles used by graffiti artists, the fat cap being one style. they come in their own boxes and it's a surprise as to which one you end up with! my little fatcap is only 3cm high, he rattles when you shake him like a spray can and he is called 'feed' and comes complete with his own pigeon and pigeon poop!!! he is part of the fatcap series 2 all designed by a group of graffiti artists/writers. he has pride of place on my shelf!!

on a more serious matter, and care of Karin via Sian i saw a video clip about a paralysed graffiti artist Tony Quan aka TEMPTONE who is now using a low cost tracking apparatus and custom software to create graffiti. amazing.


  1. my favorite graffiti artist is Banksy who recently directed a doc on street art titled EXIT THOUGH THE GIFT SHOP.. can view the trailer on

  2. wow!! what an amazing piece of software.
    Love your presie :-)

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