Sunday, 13 June 2010


i've decided to work on heads and faces for the next chapter of work and there will be more in my next blog but meanwhile i have been thinking 'how little you can portray or get away with' when drawing a face for it still to look like a face! above a very cute bit of graffiti with minimal face seen in sunny Bridport a few weeks ago!


  1. My Son has being studying portraits for his year 8 art project - he hates art with a passion and drawing is not something he would chose to do if he could get away with it,(I think he must have been mixed up at the Maternity ward he can't be my child!!!) He had to choose three artists. All three were chosen for their simplicity - Julian Opie, Andy Warhol and best of all Magritte as he usually put a piece of fruit in front of the face so he didn't have to put in the features! Son tried really hard and hopes for a good grade - for once!

  2. Well spotted, wonderfully simple ;-)