Monday, 31 May 2010

Chapter 10 - automated translations or not so!

for this part of the chapter i decided to break free and with my first sample went totally abstract. this one is 'automated' in as much as a straight stitch is automated and not hand sewn!!!! after all my sewing machine has to be all of thirty something years old. i trapped various bits of metal using a straight stitch. underneath is an Easter egg wrapper then a wonderful piece of blue fabric i found on the street followed by a piece of stainless steel mesh i burnt with a candle. inside two pleats are my good old favourite strips of tunnock tea cake wrapper followed by various bits of metal wire and fabric.
2 is a piece of aluminium with punched numbers taken from a metal tag i again found on the street (my eyes tend to look down rather than up these days). the aluminium was scratched and paint rubbed into the surface then metallic pieces of tomato tube and fabric were trapped by the most exciting automated stitch my machine does!
and finally 3. strips of a Tizer drinks can worked with automated letters (Tizer) i used my sewing machine from work for this! the plan was to adhere the strips onto a water soluble paper with transfer adhesive then stitch repeated letters and then dissolve the paper. however the machine didn't like going over the strips so i placed a piece of tissue over the top and loosened the pressure on the foot. it didn't like doing this and there were numerous breaks and misforming of letters! afterwards i tore off the tissue and tore into the water soluble paper leaving some in place. i am actually very pleased with the result even though it wasn't what i had in mind to begin with! all 3 pieces are approximately A5 in size.


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  2. Great pieces, i love the middle one in particular. i don't think I'd have the courage to put metal through my newish machine, maybe my baby Brother though. hmmm! food for thought, great stuff!