Friday, 15 October 2010

Ally Pally again and so soon

a whole year came around very quickly and I wasn't going to go this year but fairly near the last minute changed my mind.
the first stall i saw was Ruth lee of 'Contemporary Knitting for textile artists' fame which was something of a coincidence as the other night i had sat down with said book on my lap trying to figure out double sided knitting (i have chosen the knitting option in Module 3 which i have started while sitting in front of tv at night). i have never seen her before and obviously missed her last year if she was at AP!

The highlight of the show, apart from my stash of goodies above (half of the Habu stall!) were 3 very small textiles by Elisabeth Rutt in the 'Hue' display, absolutely amazing. one shown above, i hope she doesn't mind me including it in this post but it was one of those momentous epiphanies!!!

It was great seeing Madeleine Millington (my tutor for the certificate), Ruth demonstrating and Jen from Ferinbroidery, to whom i had to confess that the large stitches on canvas in my last post were actually Sian's idea!

the 'World Paper Exhibition' and the knitted Textile Awards (its amazing what you can do with Lego and cable ties! were also very inspirational, so onwards and upwards and better get down to Chapter 4 with the Markal paintsticks shown above.

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  1. Thanks for your run-down on AP, as I didn't go this year, it was interesting to see what/who you honed in on.
    Your stash looks very exciting, I've been meaning to buy Markel sticks for years.
    Thanks for dropping in on my blog and you were absolutely right about the lack of fist hand research, should have spent the money and gone to London, maybe later.