Friday, 22 October 2010

Chapter 4 stencilled designs

for this chapter i used cut and folded strips to use as 'masks' to colour fabric and of course some paper too! i used a mix of freezer paper and sugar paper.
#1 was worked on a piece of ramie i had painted with fabric paint and then used Markal paint sticks which the more i use the more i love them, although sitting here at the computer i am feeling slightly sick from the smell of oil paint! Sian suggested using the masks and then displacing them, which i have done.
#2 i was interested to see how the Markal would work on wool. this is a thick wool flannel and i am pleased with the simple effect achieved, it looks a bit like spray paint .
#3 is worked on cotton organdie, again painted with fabric paints in simple brush strokes so the white cloth is still visible between the two different stencils used.
#4 both worked on newspaper, one coloured and the other plain.
#5 i was looking at papers to re-use and came across a sheet from an exhibition i had seen in the summer and hated, so hopefully something good came out of it but i think i might have messed it up with the orange varnish brushstrokes! i was trying to include a jarring colour as everything alse seems very harmonius.
#6 two green papers, again worked on exhibition leaflets. i really like the simpler one! whilst looking out my papers a thought came into my head that i possibly need never buy any paper ever again as i am forever picking up leaflets etc. which could be reused more usefully than putting in the recycling tub(see the previous post!).
#7 the remains of my 'masks' which i think i might utilise in the next chapter of making braids.


  1. These pieces are absolutely fantastic, I too have some markal crayons but never tried them seriously, you're being very inspiring indeed

  2. WOW - your work looks so complicated. I've never seen anything like it, so I'm going to be back to learn. Thank you for visiting my little blog space.

  3. I love these ,especially the ones worked over newspaper and leaflets.The masks themselves look like offering great possibilities.