Saturday, 2 October 2010

Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 more braids and paper!

Chapter 2 is developing work from research into braids by working enlarged stitches on rug canvas for use as printing blocks. the top 'block' was worked with braid stitch in thick paper yarn and the lower two, plaited braid stitch and ladder stitch with string.
i printed using mainly metallic fabric paint on ramie (bottom right), organza (top right), newspaper (top left) and some kind of paper that came wrapped around a bunch of flowers.
i used scoobies to make braid samples. from left to right are 'square knot macrame braid', Josephine or true lovers knot, french sennit, common sennit and english or flat sennit. i have a wonderful book called 'knots, splices and fancy work' by C.L.Spencer (printed in 1934) which i used for most of the instructions.
Chapter 3 asked for exploration of paper braids. luckily we have a huge bag of paper which has been shredded! and photo 4 shows braids made by weaving some of these paper strips (each about half a centimetre wide). the one at the bottom nearest to the 4 is a random 'weave' reminding me of barbed wire. i sort of missed out the open structures do i NEED to do them?!
Shaped bands in the next 3 photos i could have continued doing for ages, i really enjoyed this. in my research of Tudor strapwork i looked closely at Arabic influences and in particular lettering which i would like to investigate further hence the pointy bits in these cut and folded bands.all about 20cm wide.
photo 5 and 6 shows combinations of two bands woven in and out using japanese paper printed with photoshoped graffiti patterns.
#7 combines 3 bands together.
the final photos show the use of single hollow paper shapes linked together with paper strips.all these pieces are about 10cm wide.
left in photo 9 and that in 10 are also influenced by Arabic lettering.

#11 uses the ampersand which is something like a knot in itself.
finally more letters!


  1. As always your creativity has me in awe, all that you have done is so clean and simple and effective. I especially like what you have done with the lettering in the last four photos.

  2. I agree with Jane, Anne. Your paper braids are especially good - lend hemselves so well to your graffiti theme too.

  3. You have been sooo busy.I love the rug canvas samples and what a brilliant idea to use them as print blocks.

  4. Lovely to see you yesterday,hope you got home safely.I'd had enough by 4pm too many people ,too much to take in .If I lived in London I think I'd go late in the afternoon when it was quieter.Moan,moan!

  5. I agree with Jane too, you've got a wonderful creative approach to this exercise, I especially like 8,9,10,11 they're such an exciting collection and not at all what you'd expect from a 'braid'