Friday, 26 November 2010

Chapter 6 'I love Knitting'

i've decided to split this chapter into a few blogs as i have so many samples i thought i would be a) here all day and b) everyone would be bored rigid or turned to another blog! so here goes installment 1. Chapter 6 is all about construction either knitted or woven. i chose as you can see knitting! the first samples in #1 are quite straightforward. the two on the right using twisted newspaper strips threaded through and paint details added. going clockwise the blue sample has been worked with random holes through which a knitted metal thread 'braid' has been randomly threaded. extra embroidery has been added to the braid. the last sample is knitted paper thread (home made and very therapeutic to do)with paper and threads stuck to the surface.samples all approx 11cm x 9cm.
i have included some detail shots as i am not sure the larger ones are good enough.

#4 top sample based on paint drips and working with double layered fabric (instructions in Ruth Lee's book 'Contemporary knitting for textile artists') the crocheted edge is worked with metal wire so the drips can be manipulated (14cm x 8cm). the lower two have been 'shiboried'. the right one knitted with a pull ring tied in place and sample felted then 'swiss darning' worked only on top where pull ring was. the idea behind the orange sample was to use the shibori technique (with coke bottle top) and then boil it to death which worked wonderfully on something else a while ago where the fibres became slimey and rock solid when dried. but after a couple of hours boiling this one it was still very sound! i think i need some soda crystals. so i just added a led light in the void instead.
#5 these two samples based on slipped stitches reminded me of brick walls. top one worked with paper tape yarn and rolled up dried PVA threaded through the slipped stitches. the lower one has strips of coloured newsprint threaded through (13cm x 9cm).
i love the idea of enclosing things between semi transparent layers so these two samples are based on this with double layered knitting. top one just worked to make tubes and the lower one worked in enclosed pockets.
#7 reverse of pockets.
i love knitting with wire. two of the above with 'swiss darning' worked afterwards. the skirted sample worked to shape and undulate. i have twisted some of the threads to tighten the shaped area. the sample on the lower left is not knitted but just twisted wire interlinked.
#9 detail of twisted wire.
#10 i was trying to think of things to link in to 'graffiti' and thought bead knitting would lend itself very well. these two samples are very tiny (larger one 8cm x 6cm), knitted on size 1 3/4mm needles. i worked out a pattern from my sketchbook on graph paper. the thing to remember with bead knitting is to thread the beads on in the right order otherwise it will be a horrible mess!
apart from Ruth Lee's book i used Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting patterns. more to follow.


  1. These are great samples, Anne. Gives me an incentive to get through module 2 - looks fun!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your knitting is great, I too "love kniting" but think that I am going to do the weaving option( if I ever get that far!) as it fits with my map theme better.

  3. These are really "out there"!I love the paint drips and the paper and the wire and and .....
    Well done you.Hope you are keeping warm.Jenn