Sunday, 28 November 2010

More knitting!

continuing on from the last post these are the less conventional pieces! #11 was knitted silver wire, knitted plastic bag, the two fused together with a hot iron then cut up and free machined together with water soluble fabric(11cm x 8cm). not sure about the colour; the plastic bag was a beautiful purple/pink but white on the inside.
#12 in true graffiti style i thought of yarn bombing! and french knitting lends itself very well to this. the piece in the middle has been pulled over a twirly whirly drinking straw (22cm long). i've been french knitting with fishing line for a long time mainly for jewelry pieces but the two pieces on the left are experiments, top using paper pulp and the lower adding pieces of cut up metal cans made into 'sequins'. the piece on the right i started as a double sided fabric but gave up as it was rather difficult with the fishing line, so i pulled it off the needles and left it and i love it just as it is!
#13 more paper and shaping. the lower section in home made newspaper yarn and the top in flat paper yarn (9cm x 5cm).
#14 worked on size 20mm needles and worked with a handful of machine threads as one in a large braid with the needle woven through the gaps.
#15 i discovered some stretchy fishing line the other day which i knitted in a 'lace faggot chain' from Mary Thomas and then pinned out. it has potential but is very strong! perhaps stretch elastic might be better but the fluorescent orange caught my eye.
#16 tried some felted knitting with cut out shapes and more melted knitted plastic bag fused onto the reverse. didn't quite turn out as expected although i think it could be thought about further. the colours are good though.
#17 when i was doing my certificate we were each given an item from a charity shop to 'turn into something else' mine was a shirt but that's another story! so i thought it would be interesting to try this idea with a knitted item, cut it up and re knit it. hence the M&S tie above. it had a few moth holes in it so i didn't mind cutting it.
#18 this is what i have so far but probably won't take it any further. its interesting to see how it is retaining the shape of the tie but obviously it can't be used any more!!
thought i would include dear Marilyn even though i knitted her more years ago than i would like to admit! so she's not really part of this chapter but somewhat graffiti like! she's about 47cm high. and so now onwards to the resolved knitted piece which i am working on now.


  1. No, I really like number 16. I like what you're doing.

  2. Brilliant!!! i have nothing more to say! i love your knitting direction on both your last posts, it's wonderfully inspirational and contemporary. thanks for the book titles.