Friday, 19 November 2010

I am here honest I am!!!! Stitching away!

Chapter 5 stitched braids. i have been beavering away but what with visitors, birthday and colds i decided to take a day off work and concentrate on braids. i am determined not to take a year on this module! As usual i have used more paper than textile. the braids in #1 are my 'straight' braids. Using newsprint for the top four, sprayed and masked, the top two and fourth before i worked them and the third one after. the decoration on the fourth one are gun caps courtesy of my son, they look much better for decorative use than the noise they produce from the gun! they have been used as a mask on the top one. fifth one down worked with printed calico and the lower one with tufts of paper and textile on cellophane. All measure approx. 20cm long.
#2 detail
#3 still straight braids. as i have been knitting at the same time i worked the top braid in metal wire and then threaded hand embroidered paper through the links. the next two are worked on thin strips of beer can. the first with twisted wire giving edge decoration and fibres (taken from organza used in braid from # 7). the plainer one has been wrapped with paper and more twisted wire. the final one and the close up in #4 is worked using parcel cords (i am sure they have a name).
the central braid was made with lots of fluorescent fibres stitched onto organdie. the 3 braids have been anchored together to make a thicker braid but it could be continued for a whole fabric!
#5 instead of using water soluble fabric i used layers of tissue and other leftover pieces.
#6 based on graffiti lettering and worked through used baking parchment and newsprint.
#7 wrapped frame braids. i made a frame from cardboard and cut the end off to remove them. top one not stitched but stapled! newsprint with fine ribbon and fibres. second one worked with printed organza that has been frayed and various coloured bits secured with machine stitching. last one wire, cut up crisp packet and cellophane. could make a whole load for Christmas!
#8 i then moved onto shapes linked by braid. top one self explanatory? last one is upside down but uses the letters Q, R and S believe it or not on a simple french knitted braid (worked in Gutterman thread).
# 8.1 using 'A's. think i would like to work a whole word or sentence but it is quite difficult devising alphabets with a 'loop' in every letter but i am thinking.
#9,9.1 and 10 all show some of the braids presented on the backgrounds i made in the last chapter.

i did wonder as i was making these whether some would be better in the chapter to come on edges but i quite like non-uniform structures! Chapter 6 to follow soon


  1. As usual I love your bold work very much! Fantastic braids

  2. Wow! I'm majorly impressed with the amount of work you've done here.
    As usual you're an inspiration, you have some wonderful ideas and, and so exciting, you've done things under the heading of braids I'd never have thought of.