Sunday, 8 May 2011

Chapter 1 addendum.......

this addendum to my last post is so anyone who wants can actually see and read my study of English 17th century flower embroidery. i realise that it doesn't pay to work large when blogging work! Last time i use A3 for text etc. anyway it might be wise to read the last blog first and then this one. each A3 has been split into 5 working from top left to bottom left, then top right and blootm right. the main text panel comes first with each section. so firstly we have 'inspiration'


'Samplers and flat embroidery'

'Raised work'

i do hope this lot is legible!


  1. Have you read Phillipa Gregory's novels based on John Tradescants senior and junior? Let me know if you'd like to borrow them. Love your meticulous research.

  2. What an amazing presentation, you've been very busy!!! Love the way you've done it, and found it very interesting.