Sunday, 15 May 2011

Chapter 3, part 1 creating a slip design, digital manipulation

it took me quite a while to choose which flower to concentrate on. i wanted to choose a flower that would have been found in 17th century embroidery so i took lots of photographs of pansies, daisies etc. i quite liked the idea of the pansy with its potential for faces but went for the tulip! above was my inspiration, a bunch of variegated tulips, i kept them until they began to smell rather nasty (still have them but not in water!) until....
they looked like this. i wanted to use the full range of shape.
firstly i concentrated on this one which was a beautiful delicate lilac pink colour, and took various pictures of it in its various stages of decay.
i wanted to work with light coming through the petals where i could.
Using 'Photoshop elements 7' the above is a fairly simple manipulation which gives it an art nouveau look. changeing the lighting, then the hue and finally giving it drawn outlines.
above is similar to the first but changing it to black and white.
haven't got a clue what i did with this but i did use the distort to make the top edge more parrot tulip like!
above giving it a neon glow
above what i call the punk version rendered into black and white with added drawn lines
a solarised and distorted 'parrot'
as you can see i love the solarise function which makes colours zing! the above one is looking into a tulip head
the above and below are again solarised with distorted edges and different ranges of lighting.

above is the same tulip in a growing state of decay. i based the next 3 manipulations on this one.
above using twirl, expansion and solarise
the next 2 above and below i have altered the lighting and then the hue/saturation and finally i distorted the sepals and stamen.

above solarise again and extra distortion
i then based one on the above of the same tulip
using shrink wrap! and pinch
finally for this post i used the above one to achieve the lower image
using hue/saturation with a speckled draw. i did scan some of the petals but it was a complete disaster, however as you will see in the next post i took a photograph of the petals...... see part 2


  1. Inspirational. Interesting ideas.

  2. Good choice of flower. I've been taking pictures of tulips in the garden and they are so beautiful even when they've gone over. I love all the effects you've created.

  3. Love your digital manipulations, especially the last 3 and your sketch book drawings are superb too.