Monday, 27 May 2013

Addendum to last post

having posted my ideas i went away and had more thoughts!

windmill behind linen thread net
 i was wondering whether this net was too coarse looking and although i would dye/paint it to be more in keeping i still wanted to investigate a more transparent net.
i decided to try machine stitching a grid with clear nylon thread using newspaper as a support which i would then wash out after.

finished net sample
 i am really pleased with this but realise it is not hugely original and quite delicate so wonder how it might stand up to a windy beach? 

sample details together
 is it also too similar a technique to the windmill? Ideas anyone?


  1. Windmills are a bit of a political quandary up in Scotland at the moment so your idea of newspaper, 'delicate' and being blown away seems topical!

  2. I agree with you that the fishing net might be a bit too course, but I love the machine embroidered one. Just wondered if you will have any windmills moving, so that some of the net could be buried under the sones to keep it more stable. You could also try using both types of netting in the piece.

  3. Thanks Sharon, yes I am turning towards the machine made net but will wait till I have made my windmills. But if I am ever stranded on a desert island I will be able to make a net.