Monday, 20 July 2009

Banksy vs Bristol, a pink cuddly spider and definately another photo opportunity!

i'm not very good early in the morning! but we'd decided to catch the 8.23 train to Bristol in order to allow plenty of queueing time! it took 1 hour 37 minutes, two trips over the road to various shops, a trip to Greggs for sausage rolls and a fair amount of whingeing from son, although he was very eager to see the animatronics.
at last the end is in sight!
apologies to those of a nervous disposition but 9 year old boys are drawn to anything they think slightly on the 'rude' side! this is for him.
only £2 from primark! this reminded me of a 15 year old work experience girl we had recently who bought a pair of sunglasses at the previously mentioned store.
do i need to say more!
we were not allowed to use flash inside the exhibition so i thought you might like to see some of my 'arty' photos or are they just out of focus! no comments please!

i've noticed recently how people tend to use their cameras too readily without actually absorbing the experience of what's in front of them. its almost as if they need the photo to back up the memory. what ever did we do without cameras?
anyway another Banksy (with blue paint) and another photo opportunity further down the road! all in all a great day was had by all, an excellent, clever and amusing exhibition. my son is now the proud owner of a pink and black 12" spider!!!! oh dear museum shops have a lot to answer for! and i am the proud possessor of 3 cans of spray paint(NOT SOLD IN THE MUSEUM SHOP)!


  1. Thanks for your message and tip about photo's. Don't take this the wrong way, but it is good to know that I am not the only one who can't get the blog to do what I want it to!
    Glad you had a good day out, from your photos and Sians it looks good fun, Bristol is a bit too far away for me.

  2. It looks great but I couldn't face queueing for all that time and will hang on until the first rush is over (if such a thing is likely to happen!). Some of his stuff is really quite unnerving, isn't it - once you've stopped laughing at it and pause to think. The naked statue especially, I thought.

  3. Sorry, just spotted your comment on Jane's site: how I get text before the 1st picture on my blog is I go into the text entry space and press return a couple of times THEN upload all the pix in reverse order. This leaves me a little space to start typing in!

  4. Interesting post! I liked hearing about the pre-entry-into-exhibit experience. I know what you mean about people taking photos without really seeing. When I was at the Festival of Quilts in B'ham last year, I felt like I was in the way of people with their digi cameras and phones who were walking past and snapping the quilts while I wanted to stand in front of them and absorb. BTW I like your 'arty' shots ; )