Friday, 31 July 2009

Chapter 11 a precis of bold design development

before i start on chapter 11, and my brief sojourn from sanding and plastering (hallway), i recently started looking at street 'graffiti' legitimately plastered over roads and pavements. i have no idea what it means but assume they are messages for workmen where to dig/move things/put things? etc. i must ask someone! it can be quite colourful and with great lettering and shapes as you can see from Max's shadow. i have also witnessed a gardener with his trusty spray can spraying dots on the earth in a flower bed to indicate where flowers should be planted! is this necessary?
this chapter asked for bold, simple marks relating to the shapes and colours of my theme, graffiti. there is nothing i like more than the simplicity of brush strokes and the edges/shapes you can achieve with them. i used a 4" wide paint brush and with the above, quite wet paint. i was hoping to get drips, brush ends and 'stripes'.
combining two colours with dry thick fabric paint on top of ink.
trying quite a dry brush with inks.
cutting up photocopies of the brush strokes and re-arranging them in strips and rectangles. the one on the left above makes me think of fringing and still on a tartan role, tartan fringing!
again above, similar re-arrangements, getting more fringing.
weaving in strips to create a pattern.
and finally using rectangles to create a collage with added lines extended.


  1. The weaving in strips is absolutely terrific, creating patterns within patterns both of shape and colour. I love it.

  2. Love the last two photos ... the woven strips and collage ... great colours!