Sunday, 5 July 2009

'One extra'

it seems a long time since my last blog, i have not been idle and i feel a big responsibility to keep up with regular postings! i have been thinking of my resolved proposal for chapter 12 but in the meantime Sian has suggested another stitched sample to add to chapter 7. her suggestion was to work a phrase/letters that could then be cut up so glimpses of words/letters could be seen. the sample has been worked with various layers of fabric and newsprint that have then been stencilled with fabric paints. i chose the quote
'when we first see them we cannot understand them. we stand outside the cultural structures in which that understanding is embedded.'

taken from 'handwritten, expressive lettering in the digital age' by steven heller and mirko ilic.
conventional school alphabet stencils were used for this with graphite and letraset. over the top 'halos' were stitched through tissue in running stitch, back stitch and chain stitch. the tissue then pulled off, leaving some behind. echoes of the halos were stencilled over the top.

i chose to cut the piece into letters, forming the word 'lace'. above and below shows the letters still in their uncut position.

re-arranging the letters to 'read' and below layering them randomly.

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  1. Hi Max, just been admiring your work. thanks for the comment on my blog, maybe see you at the next summer school?