Friday, 17 July 2009

Freaky Friday! Chapter 8, hollow outline.

at last i have a free un-child, un-work cluttered morning, probably the last for 7 whole weeks! Oh what to do with the little dear! Banksy tomorrow i hope. anyone else going please contact me?! anyway this chapter explores linear shapes. i went back to my sketchbook and the brush stroke, above right. i cut out a stencil and traced around several times and in various directions. there are more but i will just show a couple here!

by layering and overlapping a series of different lines were formed which were then used for the next process. the papers i used were coloured with chalk pastels. although Sian says 'a plain surface is so uninspiring' many spray painted surfaces are very smooth and evenly coated! i felt chalk pastels would lend themselves to the effect i wanted to achieve. some papers were coloured with two or more colours merging in the middle. some colours took at least 3 chalks to blend the correct colour.
i found my box of 50 'Grumbacher'chalks about 20 years ago in an Oxfam shop on Kensington High Street for 30p and i have never used them! until now!!! i am quite smitten with them but they are VERY messy. especially as i used my fingers to merge the colours. other contrasting colours were rubbed into stencil shapes for added embellishment. i used Sian's 'stack and whack' method of cutting out, dividing the papers across their width and then re-arranging them in various ways.above 2 pieces linking arms! and what look like legs walking.
layers fanned out and machine stitched to background colour and using a semi transparent japanese paper for layering.
slotting pieces together above.
again slotting 3 pieces together. something in there reminds me of rabbit monsters and 'tartan' which i will delve into at greater depth later!


  1. I really like the unusual colour combinations you have chosen - I would never have thought of that combination. I need to be braver! I hope to go and see Banksy too although not tomorrow. I hope the weather is kinder to you than today's! Karen

  2. I love these experiments especially the colours you chose. Really great for future inspiration.

  3. I particularly like the slotted together ones at the end. Is there something you need to tell us about rabbits? I may try and sneak down to the Banksy exhibition this week and then take the kids with me in August - looks great fun.