Monday, 24 May 2010

Chapter 10 - i hope not 'lost in translation'

Chapter 10 requires translating into stitch designs previously worked on paper. i found this quite hard to do as i needed to be really disciplined in my approach! i chose 3 samples of the metallic papers made with glop and based on Opus Anglicanum patterns (wow it seems so long ago now)! and 2 based on shi sha patterns.
first one (i haven't quite worked out how to get 2 pictures side by side in one yet so basically the top pictures with the numbers are the papers and the lower the stitched translations. all samples are roughly A5 in size. 1 i used 2 layers of organdie. the lower layer heavily machine stitched and the pattern created with tiny silver pearls wrapped around a large needle. the top 'window' has glitter attached.

2 incorporates an oxidised copper piece which i cut, punched with holes and masked before oxidising. the fabric is painted with textile dyes and markal paint sticks and then stitched with both metallic and ordinary sewing threads and sequins. finally markal was used on the metal.

3 is not using fabric but coloured newspaper as a background. it has been stencilled and coloured with markal paint stick. the large circular pieces were black sequins with transfoil attached. the gold is tissue paper and sweet wrappers with silver thread couched down and tiny sequins.

4 again the textile base is painted and has metallic markal paintstick applied. the strips of metal are a mixture of copper and brass patinated with cupra, sanded to add striations with extra paint and tissue stuck on. they are couched down with fishing line. the diagonal marks are a combination of stitch and computer bits. finally glitter was applied with an adhesive medium.

and finally 5 the painted textile base has a transfoil strip attached. tomato puree tube has been cut into strips, folded, scratched and paint rubbed into the surface. stuck tissue and machine stitching holds them in place.i am still in the process of working the automated stitch versions so more to follow!


  1. These are brilliant, not at all a case of "lost in translation", more like enhanced. I still have not plucked up the courage to try out foils and metals, maybe this weekend....?

  2. These are beautiful, and great comparisons of the decorated papers - -very sensitively done to achieve the same colourings - lovely

  3. Great translation of your paperwork, it's innovative, without copying, I hope I can do this well when I get to this stage, lovely work.