Friday, 7 May 2010

Update on Textile Artist

one of the textile artists i chose to study for Module 1 was Matthew Harris. when we visited Bristol some time ago we went to the Colston Hall specially to see Matthew's commission for the new hall. basically it's a 6 metre long drawing designed as a musical score which he has burnt into a wooden wall. it is typical that the day we chose to go coincided with a record fair with stalls and posters covering up most of the piece! however i was able to see last a 'textile' you can touch and it does feel lovely.
many years ago when i was taught how to give presentations, i was always told you should never apologise for bad photos or even include them, however i DO apologise for the one above, it is a detail of the wall showing the burnt design in what appears to be a wall made of long thin matchsticks!!! i am looking forward to seeing what Matthew is exhibiting this week (as of tomorrow) at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen's show Collection.
so onwards and upwards i must get back to my own burning but of metals!


  1. Found this site nd thought of you! It is called "garment graffiti"

  2. What an interesting piece, it links in well with the workshop that sian reported on using sound and stitch in the current trend to merge the boundaries of the arts media.
    I loved having a nose around the links/subsequent links you posted up Karen, thanks for sharing.