Sunday, 23 May 2010

Theo Jansen

Yesterday i went to see an exhibition of Theo Jansen's work. i had never heard of him before but have now so i thought i would share his work! he describes himself as a kinetic artist making huge wonderful beasts that move by wind power. the exhibition is at The Spacex in Exeter (15 May-3 July). one of the exciting things about the exhibition is that Theo will have one of his strandbeests on Exmouth Beech on 25-27 June this sounds like a must. it will also be in Exeter city centre 2-4July but i think the idea of seeing it on the beach sounds better to me. you can see a video of his work HERE.


  1. absolutely fascinating - I really love them - many thanks for sharing

  2. Wow!!!! How exciting, thanks for the link, they're amazing!