Sunday, 28 August 2011

Chapter 9 a long time coming Section A

Chapter 9 is a design exercise with the aim to explore ways of using colour. two contrasting colours were chosen, i made a conscious decision to avoid green! so i chose a Lemon yellow and Deep violet. the aim was to paint one section of paper with each 'neat' and then mix the two equally for the colour in the middle and then work with this mixed colour adding a bit each time to the originals to create a tonal range. i loved the brown colours that were created even though i don't particularly like brown! i used the paints straight out of the tube and used a decorating brush so there are some interesting striations in the paint samples.
next was to make interesting combinations using the painted pieces. somehow i seem to have created some 1950's designs made all the more interesting because of my wood panelling effect!

Exercise 2 these were then added to different backgrounds created with the same colours. i kept the painterly quality of the brush strokes and did in fact dilute the paint this time.
having said i was avoiding green i seem to have achieved it slightly with the use of the lemon yellow over the violet!

#2 Exercise 3 using the same choice of colours and with the addition of white i created a gradual tonal effect from yellow to pale yellow. strips from other tonal pieces were then added. the middle one was cut from a strip using yellow and payne's grey.
#3 the same exercise but using an added tonal strip of violet and payne's grey. More of chapter 9 to follow

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  1. what a great set of colours to work with, I love your linear shapes that you've created, very dramatic, especially in the last 3 pics.