Sunday, 7 August 2011

sketchbook days 18-22 all in one!

well the weekend came and my guys went off to Edinburgh for 2 weeks so i have the kitchen table to myself, so i made a start with catching up on the sketchbook. i went round the garden and realised that some of the best areas to work with were not easy for sitting in front of and then it rained so i thought i would look out the window to the herb box. above using chalk pastels after scratching into the paper, they are water soluble so i wet areas of the right one and then closed the book, hence the mirror image.
then wet using the koh i nor dyes which i notice are really vibrant when wet but dry slightly powdery in feel unless its my paper.
i added some aqua wax to the right hand page above and reworked with water colours, something suitably dark as it has been on and off today.
above again using koh i nor but using aqua wax on the page before (right) and closing the book (left) Can we do mono printing please Sian?
then to scraffito and i remembered when a child layering up wax crayons with black over the top so above left 'omage to childhood' i have worked here with Markal paint sticks for the base and painted Stewart Gill fabric paints over the top. still slightly sticky!
and lastly using wax candle under the top section, Markal on the bottom and Stewart gill again over. at the end of all this i realised i was looking at fennel too but baby stuff.

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