Sunday, 21 August 2011

sketchbook Day 30

for this final piece using stitch i went back to my feather but this time grouped a few together. for the first piece i used a fineish thread as i thought feathers were a bit spidery. on the left page i had coloured it with some left over acrylic paint from my latest chapter 'in my real work'! i closed the book for an imprint. the watercolour didn't take too well to the acrylic and i could work into it further (at some point!)
this next one doesn't have any stitching but i noticed the paint had come through the needle holes which added something interesting. i thought the thread i had chosen was natural but it didn't take the paint so well
for the final piece i used a thicker thread which worked beautifully. i also drew the feathers very freely and of course shut the book to get the impression on the left page.
Looking forward to see what Sian has in mind for September! but meanwhile back to my Module.


  1. You have some beautiful effects in monoprints and drawings.I ,too am looking forward to Sian's next project.Good luck with your module,I must get back to mine.

  2. You've got some lovely effects in your sketch book exercises, especially this one, beautiful feather sketch