Saturday, 13 August 2011

sketchbook days 25 - 27

just catching up with a few days. above perspective drawing of a bag.
next i chose to look at a stack of boxes and above using 'carbon copies'
and using heavy carbon with a rubber and the image below using the graphite as a carbon paper but i will work into this.

hope you don't mind Sian but i woke up this morning thinking 'Andy Warhol blotted lines' and remembered Alistair Sooke being shown how to do them. Basically you draw a line on non-absorbent paper/ card and then blot it off onto another piece. i was a bit heavy handed with the above but i used a cocktail stick dipped in Quink and quite pleased with the result. i added an offset image with a lighter wash. there is a video on the BBC website of this technique. in a way i am quite pleased this will only continue for 30 days as coursework is suffering! but once a week would be good.

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