Sunday, 14 August 2011

nearing the end!

yesterday and this morning i have been working on mono printing. i chose firstly to use some ceramics i have and the first 2 were quite clear. i found that i got a better impression when the paint was near to drying, although the paper i was using tended to stick and if not careful would tear.
i started working with the koh i nor paints to enhance (i hope) the image.
i also went off track with some Warhol printing and splodges
so back on track! above mono print with added colour on top and quite a bit of the background visible. the technique of getting the paint on the glass needs to be worked on but i think printmaking inks definitely work best. i used acrylic paints.
then i did some in my actual sketchbook which has quite thick paper (above) with added washes.
i then used a combination of mono printing and Warhol and wash for the above.
i then went on to draw some empty bottles, i like the way you can see through them, although some had labels. above a direct impression from the plate with scraped off lines added wash and splodges.
more above using the residue on the plate
and finally 2 mono prints on top of each other with added wash. can't wait to see what is in store for us tomorrow!

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