Monday, 1 August 2011

Sketchbook days 14,15, 16 and an extra

i went back to my feather for heavy water soluble crayons with some water soluble chalk added above. i have run out of printer ink so have not been able to print out the larger pieces to colour in.
Scribble day above using fine felt tip pens
ripping and sticking! i liked doing this one
then i added an extra using koh i nor, still trying to do highlights and using the edge of a piece of card for the feather lines. i am rather busy at work at the moment so by the time i come home the garden is not really an option. i will store these up for the weekend when hopefully the weather will be better?


  1. I love the last two,isn't it interesting to see everyone's take on each exercise?

  2. I also think the last two are just lovely, great ideas!